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Introducing the P5100 Reader!
Sporting the industries largest-based silicon fingerprint sensor, the P5100 can handle defending your sensitive data.
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bioLock protect SAP Access, transactions, fields and infotypes at the Data Level and uniquely identifies the users independently from the SAP user profiles. Utlizing a Zvetco Verifi fingerprint device bioLock can accept or reject user request and activities.


  • Protect Logon, Transactions, Field, Values and more.
  • Prevents Major Damages Due to Internal Fraud
  • Helps to Comply with Mandatory Regulations Such as SOX, HIPAA etc.
  • Secures your Data in the SAP System
  • Always Know, Who Did What and When in the SAP System

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SAP Certified Biometric Level-5 Security

bioLock is the first SAP certified biometric Level-5 Security Protection: Level I - SAP Logon, Level II - Transactions, Level III – Fields and Infotypes, Level IV – Field Values, Level V – Dual Confirmation (two signatures on a check). bioLock will uniquely identify the “actual user” independently from the SAP User Profile and logs all critical activities. Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 requires that companies develop strong internal controls to detect and mitigate fraud. With insecure and outdated passwords, fraud detection and fraud mitigation can not be accomplished.

SAP and Biometrics Offer Peace of Mind

Imagine your company’s research data or critical production data being protected with biometrics to ensure that only authorized, trusted users can access or change data. In addition, a detailed log file will clearly show which person accessed any transaction or which person was denied trying to execute a protected function. This comes especially in handy when multiple, authorized users are using one computer.

by realtime

realtime is a SAP Software Partner specializing in SAP Compliance, Security and Fraud Mitigation with certified software integration for SAP Systems. The company was established in 1986 and is still operated and managed by former SAP Managers.

Ways to get Passwords from a SAP user

  • 82% of all passwords are written down
  • 40% of all users share passwords frequently
  • Password crackers crack 80% in 30 seconds
  • Passwords are not encrypted between computer and SAP system

Stop SAP Fraud

Biometrics offers much more than just simple password replacement. With unique, innovative technology, biometrics can identify the actual user in “realtime” and grant or deny access to critical functions and data. This will help to prevent costly incidents within the system.

Common Areas that Receive Protection

User logon, Finance, Human Resources, Purchasing, and Research. Once a transaction or function is requested, such as displaying a balance sheet, creating a purchase order or issuing a wire transfer, the bioLock system will pop up a window requesting a biometric verification. A person's finger has to be placed on the sensor in order to proceed.