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BiObex advances core security goals of an organization and augments existing policies, applications and systems by enabling the deployment of integrated or "fused" multiple biometric systems as part of an enterprise security solution.


  • Integrated Biometric Access Control and Identity Management Systems for Strong Authentication Logon
  • Heterogeneous Solution with Secure Desktop Logon Support for Solaris™ and Sun Ray™ Ultra-Thin Client
  • Secure Identification with Biometric-enabled Single Sign-on to Business Portals, Web and Enterprise Applications

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Biometrics and Sun Systems

The Sun identity management portfolio includes Sun Java™ System Identity Manager and Sun Java System Access Manager or OpenSSO. The solution provides an identity and access management (IDM) infrastructure that assists organizations in managing secure access to business applications and provides a unified framework for standards-based authentication and policy-driven authorization for securely delivering web-based applications and services.

Policy-based Administration

Policies define requirements for authentication and actions to be taken if suspicious or failed logins are detected. Security policies are assigned to users, groups, or a combination of the two. Actions can include sending an alert, locking out the user, terminal or scanner that the user was attempting to access, and communicating with existing security systems through an API. Different organizations will have unique security needs and varying security policies. Organizations may have policies about how to divide up the tasks of managing biometric data. Similarly the number of biometrics and matching threshold required to authenticate a user is a policy decision. BiObex offers a unique policy based administration model that allows the customization of security on a user or group basis.

JAVA Based Middleware

Originally designed for use by the Federal government to address rigorous security and interoperability requirements, BiObex is a cross-platform, JAVA-based middleware capable of integrating any combination of platform, database, biometric sensor and operating system, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, Trusted Solaris and NSE-Linux.

Biometric Middleware

The BiObex product is created by Advanced Biometric Controls a company specializing in the development of biometric middleware to enable interoperability of biometric technologies and disparate systems in heterogeneous environments.

Enterprise Wide Deployment

The core functionality of BiObex allows an enterprise to define policy-based methods for implementing various types of biometric access control systems, using a consistent application for management, enrollment, administration, auditing, event logging and reporting. For example, an enterprise may be required to implement smart cards for HSPD-12 compliance, fingerprint to authenticate to a PC or network and iris scan or facial recognition to secure entrance to a facility. An implementation of various products from various vendors most often leads to "disparate technologies" with different software supporting each. This can be a nightmare to implement and maintain - not to mention costly and time consuming.

Multimodal Biometrics

The middleware addresses a critical gap by providing a means to integrate disparate technologies to enable enterprise-wide deployment of multimodal biometric systems for physical and logical access control, authenticated identity management


BiObex offers strong encryption for all authentication and enrollment related network traffic, support for encrypted databases and digital certificate based scanner authentication to ensure maximum levels of security.