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Biometrics and your Keyboard.
Interested in a reader integrated with your keyboard. The Verifi K4000 is designed to save your important desk space.
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Committed to making every project a success, Zvetco Biometrics has the experience and know-how to make your biometrics effort a reality. With installations virtually around the world, the Verifi line of biometric fingerprint readers are a proven technology.

Our dedication to stringent design and manufacturing processes gives a more than a leg-up on our competition. Below are a couple of examples, of Verifi biometrics working to bring real-life benefits in real-world applications.

Success Stories

Rutgers University Deploys Biometric Subscription Control System to Manage Use of Multimillion Dollar Lab Equipment.

"We needed better control over the computers in our laboratories, which are the operating basis for multi-million dollar research equipment. There are so many students and researchers, we need to know with certainty everyone who uses the equipment to accurately track the number of hours put on laboratory resources, and to facilitate billing for time spent on many of the machines that require a charge for usage, like the X-ray diffraction equipment," said Rutgers Professor W. Roger Canon of the University's Materials Science and Engineering Department. "All this requires is to teach users how to place their finger on Zvetco's biometric scanner during their first enrollment, and they can then log on and off the machines with the touch of a finger."

Prior to the BSCS implementation, Rutgers used a simple sign-in sheet. Users were lax about signing in to use the equipment, and signatures often couldn't be read by administrators, requiring professors to spend valuable time deciphering their students and researcher names every month, and resulting in inaccuracies for time spent on the equipment. The BSCS provides Rutgers with the required accountability to manage and audit access and usage of lab equipment, preventing any type of identity theft or abuse of laboratory resources.

Zvetco and Vitani add biometric security to 350 Fakta Retail Stores Zvetco's partner Vitani, a leading distributor and pioneer of biometric physical and IT security in Denmark, has deployed 1500 of Zvetco's Verifi P3400 fingerprint scanners across approximately 350 Fakta retail stores throughout Denmark.

"Biometric security is a natural fit for large retailers like Fakta. We've upgraded security and access control for our cash registers, resulting in easier administration, improved safety and significant cost savings from not having to make, distribute and manage thousands of security cards every year," said John Ravn, chief controller for Fakta. "Unlike security cards, a fingerprint can't be borrowed, so added PIN numbers aren't needed, bringing another level of safety for both Fakta and employees."

Some of our Customers

  • ING
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • Farallon Capital
  • The State University of New Jersey
  • DRS Technologies
  • St. Vincent Hospital
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Strategic Trade Syndicate
  • Virginia Financial Group
  • Medco Healthcare
  • GM
  • Raytheon Financial Group
  • D.O.D. Media
  • US Dept of the Interior
  • Vitani